Curriculum Vitae





   Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
   PhD in Elementary Education
   •  August 2005
   •  Dissertation: A Comparative Longitudinal Study of the Factors

      Influencing Long Term Implementation of Technology across


   Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
   Masters of Education, Early Childhood Education
   •  August, 1993
   •  Thesis: Marilyn Burns –vs- Constance Kami: A Constructivist

       Battle or Common Ground?

   Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia
   B.A. in Early Childhood Education
   •   May 1990




   •   2012 Selected as one of 36 parents from across the state of Georgia to

       serve on the Georgia State Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Board
   •   2012 Alumnae Representative Award from Wesleyan College
   •   2009 Elected president of the Higher Education Interactive Board Users Group
   •   2007 Elected team leader of mathematics instructional coaches
   •   2005 PDK (Phi Delta Kappan) educational honor society
   •   2004 Who’s Who in graduate students
   •   2004 Chancellor’s List for outstanding graduate students
   •   1999 Nominated to attend Washington State Superintendent’s conference

        on authentic assessment and problem solving
   •   1997 Georgia State Science Teacher of the Year
   •   1995 Invited to attend the National Geographic Press Conference celebrating

        the successful completion of Norman Vaughan’s quest to climb a mountain

        named in his honor on the continent of Antarctica.
   •   1995 “Good Morning America” spotlighted my class conducting a live on-line

        chat with the Antarctic Explorers (mentioned above) prior to their journey in 

   •   1995, 1998, 1999, and 2000 Nominated for Disney’s American Teacher Award
   •   1994 Voted Most Outstanding Local Educator by “Class Act."
   •   1992 “Explore Antarctica”, an interactive Multi-Media project created by my

        class as part of a contest sponsored by Emerging Technology Consultants,

        won first place and is now packaged with the “Explore Antarctica” laser-disc


   •   National Science Teachers Association
   •   National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics
   •   Georgia Association for the Teachers of Mathematics
   •   Educational Leadership
   •   Technology in Higher Education
   •   Georgia Educational Technology Association
   •   The Association for the Study of Play
   •   Georgia Education Research Association


   •   Using Virtual Manipulatives in Developmentally Appropriate Ways-A white

       paper submitted online to GATech (currently in draft and being extended

       for submission)-November 2010
   •   Life’s too Short for Long Division---A white paper submitted to GCTM

       online - October 2010
   •   Here’s the Math (A paper rebutting the argument that teachers don’t need

       to know math in order to teach to a standards-based curriculum) Puyallup

       Parent Magazine, August 2009.
   •   2008---Understanding Zero and Negative Numbers, in Teaching Children

       Mathemataics, November 2008.
   •   2000---Co-authored with Dr. Michael Kamen Case 7.3 in Learning from

       Cases: Unraveling the Complexities of Science Teaching

       by: Deborah J. Tippins.
   •   1996---An Interesting Conversation, in Alabama Science Teacher

       Association’s summer publication.


   •   Providing Choice to Graduate Students---Who Knew? (a paper describing

       a learner-centered approach to redesigning graduate courses) submitted

       to Georgia Teachers of Educators online journal for review 2012
   •   Understanding Math Starts at Home (a paper describing the action-based

        research utilized in the implementation of Family Math Nights at TG Scott

        Elementary School) submitted to PTO Today Magazine for review 2012
   •   How to Connect your Family Events to Sound Practice and Curriculum

       (a paper describing the process of using test scores to determine curriculum

       needs and build interactive family events on those topics) submitted to

       National Parent Organization online journal for review 2011
   •   The use of interactive boards as a pre-assessment for content and the

        subsequent use of outcomes to structure a higher educational environment

        presentation, currently being reviewed for publication by: Higher Ed Technology

       Journal Critical Issues in Educational Technology
   •   The Math Boom (A paper examining the negative effects of timed math tests)

       submitted to GCTM online journal
   •   Clearing up Fuzzy Math (A paper outlining the positives in standards-based

       Mathematics education) submitted to GCTM online journal
   •   Understanding Television; A Child’s Perspective (A paper describing children’s

       construction of knowledge surrounding television and the shows and characters

       contained within) Submitted to National Association for the Education of

       Young Children March 2008)



   •   2007---Sixth Grade Mathematics Diagnostic Tool Kit
   •   2007---Sixth Grade Mathematics Fluency Games
   •   2007---Puyallup Schools Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Guide
   •   2006---Language Links: A Collection of Writing-Based Lessons Linked to

        Children’s Literature
   •   2006---Meeker Elementary Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
   •   2005---Environmental Education Water Watch Curriculum Guides
   •   2005--- Alabama Water Watch On-Line Jeopardy Games
   •   2003---Wesleyan College Education Department Field Experience Handbook
   •   2003---Wesleyan College Education Department Admission Guidebook
   •   2002---Wesleyan College Education Department Student Teaching Protocols

        and Expectations
   •   1996---Holistic Education Across Curricular Areas Video series with Dr. Pamela

        Boyd and several others in conjunction with ETV at Auburn University


   •   Pearson Learning Resources to review online learning modules in math,

       publications, and scoring of student work
   •   Journal of Research in Math
   •   Teaching Mathematics K-8
   •   Corinthian GCSU Student Research Publication Journal
   •   Harcourt Brace Textbook Reviewer
   •   Saxon Math Textbook Reviewer



   •   2012---Google RISE (Roots in Science and Engineering) $25,000 grant to

       implement more current technological aspects in the EDU 255 course.
   •   2011---STEM Grant Reasoning Algebraically Across Grade Levels-received

       $7,000 to implement an Algebra study with ten classroom teachers and their

       students at TG Scott elementary school focused on Algebraic concepts,

       lesson planning, conceptual connections, and best practice in teaching.
   •   2011---Student Technology Fee to provide a class set of Nintendo DS

       games sets to be utilized in methodology courses to provide creative and

       technologically connected experiences for students across content areas.
   •   2010 ---YES Grant Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary School-received

       $7,000 to implement a series of math courses focused on Algebraic Reasoning

       in Elementary Schools with Baldwin County teachers for Fall of 2010 in

       conjunction with Angel Abney.
   •   2010---STEM Grant Understanding Math Starts at Home ($7,000 to implement

       data driven math content courses for TG Scott Elementary School parents

       for the 10/11 school year)
   •   2009---STEM Grant Making Math “Special” ($7,000 to work with Special

       Education teachers at TG Scott Elementary School to diagnose student

       mathematical misunderstandings)
   •   2009---STEM Grant in conjuction with Dr. Stacy Schwartz ($7,000 to work

        with 4th & 5th grade teachers at Dames Ferry Elementary School on

        Math practices)
   •   2009---Student Technology Fee to provide FLIP cameras for use in my

       graduate courses.
   •   2008---STEM Grant Managing the MCNI (Monroe County Numeracy Intiatiative

       ($7,000 to work with a team of 3rd grade teachers piloting the initiative for

       Monroe County Schools)
   •   2008---Student Technology Fee to provide document cameras in instructional

       spaces (Money funded the purchase of 4 document cameras to use in ECMG

       instructional spaces)
   •   2008---STEM Grant in conjuction with Dr. Stacy Schwartz ($7,000 to work

       with 4th & 5th grade teachers at Dames Ferry Elementary School on Math

   •   2007---Muckleshoots Tribal Grant at Puyallup Playcare Center ($10,000

        towards the purchase of a new van)
   •   2004---Title III Technology Grant at Wesleyan College ($3.2 million towards

        the creation of a technology focused classroom and the creation of the

        corresponding curriculum)
   •   2003---Bank South Math Trails Grant at Wesleyan College ($1,000 toward

        the creation, publishing and printing of Math Trail Family Guides)
   •   2003---NCTM Aunt Maggie’s Family Math Night at Wesleyan College ($5,000

        toward the creation and maintenance of an annual student centered literacy

        and math awareness event)
   •   2000---Costco Playground Grant at Wildwood Park Elementary School

       ($30,000 toward the purchase and installation of new playground equipment)
   •   1997---NSF Greenhouse Grant at Dexter Elementary School ($50,000

        toward the purchase, equipping, and maintenance of an on-site greenhouse)


   •   Ed.S Capstone Experience course at GC&SU fall 2010
   •   Life Science for Elementary School Teachers at GC&SU summer 2009
   •   SMART Technology Math at Puyallup School District 2007/08
   •   Implementing a combined diagnostic system in 6th grade mathematics

       at Puyallup School District 2007
   •   Playing to Learn or Learning to Play at Wesleyan College 2004
   •   Integrating Technology EDU course at Wesleyan College 2003


   •   Using Color Tiles to Promote Conceptual Learning Across the Strands - NCTM

       Conference/Dalla, TX - October 2012
   •   Using Pattern Blocks for More than just Puzzles…Integrating Standards and

       Critical Thinking Across Strands - GCTM Conference/Eatonton, GA -

       October 2012
   •   Zero the Hero…Algebraic Reasoning in grades K-2 - GCTM Conference/

       Eatonton, GA - October 2012-Co-presenting as part of a STEM grant with

       classroom teachers from TG Scott Elementary School
   •   Professor Arbegla…Algebraic Reasoning in grades 3-5 - GCTM Conference/

       Eatonton, GA-October 2012 - Co-presenting as part of a STEM grant with

       classroom teachers from TG Scott Elementary School
   •   Playing Algebraically….Examining how one game extends across Grade

       Levels and Addresses Multiple Algebraic Skills - GCTM Conference/Eatonton,

       GA-October 2012 - Co-presenting as a part of a paper in progress with classroom

       teachers from Banks Stephens Middle School
   •   Connecting your Curriculum Nights to your Data - Georgia PTA Conference

       February 2012
   •   Symposium Panel Participant Representing Math Education - Georgia PTA

       Conference February 2012
   •   Family Math Nights Made Meaningful - GCTM October 2011
   •   Color Tiles Across the Curriculum - GCTM October 2011
   •   Yes We Can…Reason Algebraically - co-presented with Dr. Angel Abney -

        GCTM 2011
   •   Making the case: Why we should model the use of Technology in our Classes -

       Higher Ed Users Group - February 2011
   •   Playing in Science: Igniting the Inquiry-GSTA - Jan 2011
   •   Using technology in my classroom? Why bother-DOE conference -

       December 2010
   •   Best Practices in the Use of Virtual Manipulatives -GeorgiaTech - November 10
   •   Conceptual Models of Division - GCTM -October 10
   •   Research-based reasons to use the Interactive boards in Higher Ed - GMLA -

       October 10
   •   Questioning Zero and Negative Numbers -GCTM - October 2009
   •   Examining the Logic behind Mathematical Misconceptions - GCTM - October 2009
   •   Using interactive boards to assess student knowledge and attitudes -

       GeorgiaTech - November 2009
   •   Conceptual Understandings of Long Division - Best Practices Conference -

       December 2009
   •   Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication and Division of Fractions -

       Georgia State PTO Focus on Math Conference - December 2009
   •   Examining the Logic behind Mathematical Misconceptions - GAYC -

       October 2008
   •   Problem Solving as a Concept-Department of Defense Best Practices

       Conference - March 2009
   •   Getting Students Engaged through Interactive Boards - Department of Defense

       Best Practices Conference - March 2009
   •   Maintaining High Levels of Cognitive Demand for Puyallup Administrators -

       WERA - Washington Education Research Association - November 2007

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