Teresa Parrish Smotherman, Ph.D.

Office:  Tate 211
Phone:  478.757.5220
Email:  tsmotherman

Wesleyan College
4760 Forsyth Road
Macon, GA  31210

Spanish Program

International Relations Program

Professor of Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish Program Director

My research interests include both contemporary Latin American literature, specifically in the area of Liberation Theology, Peninsular Spanish poetry, and the history of the Masons in Spain and Spanish America. I am also interested in second language acquisition and the teaching of applied linguistics.

Courses Taught

Elementary Spanish Iⅈ Spanish for Advanced Beginners; Intermediate Spanish Iⅈ Intermediate Medical Spanish; Spanish Culture and Civilization; Latin American Culture and Civilization; Advanced Spanish Conversation; Advanced Spanish Composition; Advanced Medical Spanish; Business Spanish; Early Spanish Peninsular Literature; Spanish Literature 19th Century to Present;  Survey of Latin American Literature; Special Topics in Spanish; Portfolio Presentation in Spanish