Curriculum Vitae


1994 Doctor of Philosophy, University of South Carolina Philosophical/Psychological Foundations of Education Cognate: Religious Education

1980 Master of Arts in Religion, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

1976 Bachelor of Arts, Columbia College (cum laude) Majors: Religion and Sociology


2007-present Wesleyan College, Macon, GA Dean and Provost of the College; Vice President for Academic Affairs Oversee all academic areas of the college including the faculty, academic programs and curricula, library, registrar, academic center, and faculty development center. Responsible for strategic planning, development of academic programs, outcomes assessment, faculty relations, and fiscal decision-making. Teach one course each year.

1986-2007 Columbia College, Columbia, SC

2005-2007 Director, Center for Engaged Learning Create programs for the Center, an intentional and strategic partnership between Academic and Student Affairs that includes Career Services, First-Year Student Success Initiatives, General Education Programs, and Leadership Studies. Train faculty and upper-class students to provide programs for first-year students, and collaborate with directors of interdisciplinary programs for all students.

2002-2007 R. Wright Spears Professor of Religion Develop and implement courses including Women in World Religions, Women in the Bible, Experiencing the Religions of the World through Travel, The Sexual Experience in Religious Perspective, The Power of Ideas, Women: Images, Realities, and Choices, Biblical and Theological Foundations for Ministry, and Foundations for Christian Education; supervise practica in ministry; and participate creatively in other work of the department.

2002-2007 Co-executive Director of eChristianEd Create policy and procedures and supervise the implementation and marketing of eChristianEd, a Web-based program that provides training for United Methodist teachers and leaders around the country.

2000-2007 Director of General Education Coordinate programs related to general education; supervise the work of the First-Year Student Success Team; recruit, train, and support faculty (40/year) and develop curriculum for first-year, interdisciplinary courses; develop curriculum, support faculty (16/year), and serve as instructor for first-year seminar; serve as first-year mentor/advisor; work with Core Curriculum Committee to create ways to infuse general education throughout the academic curriculum through service learning, leadership mentoring, travel/study, social justice learning communities, and liberal arts seminars; work with the Director of Assessment to assess general education; seek external funding for special programs; and help prospective and current students, faculty, staff, parents, orientation leaders, and resident advisors interpret the principles and goals of liberal learning.

1997-2002 Associate Professor of Religion

1998-2000 Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Assistant Director of Honors Create and coordinate academic programs related to Washington Semester, liberal arts seminars, honors program, and first-year programs.

1994-1998 Chairperson, Department of Religion Facilitate the work of the department; evaluate full-time faculty (3); recruit, orient, and support adjunct faculty; recruit and advise majors and minors; represent department at meetings of department chairs and curriculum committee; establish and assess the annual goals of the department; and establish and assess goals for student outcomes.

1994-1996 Director of Learning Communities Coordinate Learning Community programs, recruit and train faculty to use common themes, develop curriculum and activities for students, and lead seminars for students.

1992-1996 Assistant Director of Honors Work with the Director of Honors to recruit students for the honors program, develop programs to enhance learning for honors students, encourage students to engage in individual, group, and student-faculty research, encourage students to present papers and projects at regional and national meetings of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

1992-1997 Assistant Professor of Religion

1989-1994 Coordinator, Center for Contractual Studies, Columbia College Advise students who wish to design unique majors through a combination of programs offered at Columbia College. Supervise senior capstone projects.

1986-1992 Instructor, Department of Religion, Columbia College

1982-1987 Diaconal Minister of Christian Education, St. Andrews United Methodist Church, Orangeburg, S. C. Coordinate educational ministries of 900-member congregation.

1977-1982 Diaconal Minister of Christian Education Trenholm Road United Methodist Church, Columbia, S. C. Coordinate educational ministries of 1,000-member congregation.


Project Coordinator for TIAA-CREF Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Faculty Development: "Faculty Development through Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning" (2007).

Board of Directors, National Resource Center on the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (2006)

On-Campus Coordinator for National Study of Liberal Arts Education, sponsored by the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College (2005)

Accreditation Team for the Southern Association's Commission on Colleges at Wesleyan College in Georgia (2005)

The National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award (2003)

Co-founder and Co-director of eChristianEd, a national certification program of The United Methodist Church designed to prepare paraprofessionals for church ministry.

The South Carolina United Methodist Church's Francis Asbury Award for Fostering United Methodist Ministries in Higher Education (2002)

Campus Liaison for Foundations of Excellence in the First Year of College (2002)

Belin Board of Trustees (2001-present; officer 2004-present)

Columbia College Faculty Chair (1997)

President, S.C. Academy of Religion (1997)

S.C. Governor's Distinguished Professor Award (1997)

Nominated for U.S. Professors of the Year Award (1997)

Nominated for C.A.S.E. Professors of the Year Award (1997)

Columbia College Outstanding Faculty Member (1996)

Faculty Vice-Chair (1996)

Vice-President, S. C. Academy of Religion (1996)

ODK Faculty Member of the Year (1995)

Teaching exchange with Benedict College, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (1995)

Fulbright Faculty Development Seminar in India (1998)

PUBLICATIONS: Vivia Lawton Fowler

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Biblical Women Speak Out. Collection of original character presentations based on biblical women. Performed regularly.

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