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The Wesleyan College chapter (ΣΟ) of Phi Sigma Iota was started in 1966 and currently has 8 members. The current members are Nyanda Redwood (president), Wanja Mwangi (vice-president), Latoya Stewart (secretary), Parrish Smotherman, Melanie Reed, Tiffany Hatch, Gaye-leon Williams and Lois Chen. The faculty advisor is Dr. Saralyn DeSmet. For more information on the members visit the members page (Members).

The members of the ΣΟ chapter have been involved in numerous community service activities. These activities include volunteering at Aunt Maggie's Kitchen Table, participating in WOW a day for Macon and making goody bags for children undergoing cleft-mouth operations.


Current Members

Member Language Class
Nyanda Redwood Spanish 2006
Wanja Mwangi Spanish 2006
Latoya Stewart Spanish 2006
Parrish Smotherman Spanish 2006
Melanie Reed Spanish 2006
Gaye-Leon Williams Spanish 2007
Tiffany Hatch Spanish 2007
Lois Chen French 2007