Sarah Jacqueline

Harrell DeSmet, Ph.D.

Office:  Tate 209
Phone:  478.757.5222
Email:  sdesmet

Wesleyan College
4760 Forsyth Road
Macon, GA  31210

French Program

Spanish Program

International Relations Program

Professor of Modern Languages

Humanities Division Chair

WISe 101 Lead Teacher

French Program Director

My professional interests include 18th-century women’s epistolary novels in French, especially Isabelle de Charrière, translation, and foreign language education.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses:  Wesleyan Integrative Seminar Experience; Elementary French Iⅈ Intermediate French Iⅈ Advanced French Conversation; French Civilization to the Revolution; French and Francophone Civilization after 1800; Advanced French Composition; Business French; French Phonetics; Survey of French Literature: Middle Ages to 18th Century; Survey of French Literature: 19th and 20th Centuries; Portfolio Presentation in French; Elementary Spanish I & II; Intermediate Spanish I & II; Spanish Phonetics; Spanish Culture & Civilization; Advanced Spanish Conversation; Business Spanish