Courses Taught

Mus 014, 114 Applied Voice

Goal: To encourage and further both musical and technical development in voice.
Content: Repertoire from various genres and periods.
Taught: Fall, Spring.
Prerequisites: Audition and permission of instructor.
Gen. Ed. Category: Artistic expression.
Credit: 1 hour.

Mus 055, 056 Voice Class

Goal: To acquaint students (non-voice majors) with the various aspects of vocal technique that combine to produce a good singing voice; to enhance students’ ability to control performance anxiety; and to encourage self-expression and to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively in front of a group. Students are encouraged to take both semesters in order to build and retain skills learned in these courses.
Content: Study of a variety of vocal music.
Taught: Fall, Spring.
Prerequisite: MUS 055 or permission of instructor is a prerequisite for MUS 056.
Credit: 1 hour.

Mus 220 Music Performance and Production

Goal: To provide students with staged musical performance experiences.
Content: Participation in rehearsal and production of operas, operettas, musical theater pieces, or scenes programs. Content will vary.
Taught: Spring. Alternate years.
Prerequisite: Audition and permission of instructor.
Credit: 1 hour.

Mus 286 Diction for Singers

Goal: To learn correct pronunciation and articulation for singing in English, Italian, Latin, French, German, and Spanish. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) will be an integral tool in this process.
Content: The literature covered will include pieces from choral and solo vocal literature in various languages.
Taught: Alternate years.
Prerequisite: Two semesters of Applied Voice.
Credit: 3 hours.

Mus 315 History of Vocal Literature, Performance and Style

Goal: A study of solo vocal literature from a historical perspective with emphasis upon performance and style. Students will be expected to develop a vocabulary for discussing and writing about this repertoire; oral presentations are included.
Content: Italian, German, French, British, Spanish and American song repertoire will be explored. Women composers and their contributions to vocal literature will be highlighted.
Taught: Alternate years.
Prerequisite: MUS 181 and MUS 182.
Credit: 2 hours; S-course.