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FreeB is a collection of simple designs for recording chambers, electrode modifications, stimulating probes, and other peripheral devices for the physiology and neurobiology laboratory.  They range in design originality from vaguely clever to "well . . duh!".  At any rate, they are comparatively inexpensive to build, in many cases effectively replace or significantly enhance more expensive commercially available alternatives, and are not overtly dangerous to use.  Descriptions, rough construction guides, and parts lists are under development for this site and/or free upon request.


The FreeB List



  Suction Electrode Tip

  construction ~$0.25 x  20 minutes


Nerve Stimulating Probe   

 construction ~$12 x  45 minutes   


  Wand Electrode

   construction ~$1 x  10 minutes


Electric Fish Chamber   

construction ~$4 x  45 minutes    


  Ussing Chamber

   construction ~$20 x  3 hours


Sciatic Nerve Chamber    

construction ~$15 x  2 hours   


  Crayfish EOG Chamber

   construction ~$15 x  2 hours



EOG Photic Trigger    

construction ~$10 x  1 hour    



  Insect Video Monitoring

   construction ~$60 x  10 minutes    




Turtle Heart Clip    

construction ~$.02 x  2 minutes    


  Collapsible Faraday Cage

   construction ~$30 x  3 hours