Barry K. Rhoades,  Ph.D.

Office:  MSC 106
Phone:  478.757.5238
Email:  brhoades

Wesleyan College
4760 Forsyth Road
Macon, GA  31210

Biology Program


Neuroscience  Program

Professor of Biology

My research interests include the functional neurophysiology of the vertebrate olfactory system, physiology and reproductive biology of parasitoid wasps, graphical and statistical methods  for neuronal spike-train analysis, and hardware and software simulations in neurophysiology, behavioral ecology, and evolution.

Courses Taught

Human Biology; Principles of Biology I; Principles of Biology II; Research Methods in the Biological Sciences; Human Anatomy and Physiology I; Human Anatomy and Physiology II; Vertebrate Zoology; Animal Behavior; Neurophysiology; Neuronal Networks and Systems; Animal Physiology; Senior Integrative Exercise