classes taught at Wesleyan

  • PSY101 General Psychology
  • PSY203 Social Psychology
  • PSY230 Reading, writing, and review:
    Preparing to do research in Psychology
  • PSY304 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY305 Research Methods
  • PSY330 Forensic Psychology
  • PSY306 Systems of Psychology
  • PSY/HMS397 Psychology of Good and Evil
  • Sample syllabi

    Syllabus, PSY/HMS397, Psychology of Good & Evil (Summer 09) (.pdf)
    Syllabus, PSY306, Systems of Psychology (Fall 17) (.pdf)
    Syllabus, PSY 305, Research Methods(Spring 17)(.pdf)
    Syllabus, PSY203, Social Psychology (Fall 17)(.pdf)
    Syllabus/activities, PSY330, Forensic Psychology (Spring 17)(.pdf)