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Trail Status Report - July 23, 2014


Interior Loop/Jogging Trail A=
Main Entrance Trail (kiosk/Murphey Art to cabin) A=
Upper Cross Trail (post #3 to pavilion to pavilion/post #12)  A=
Lower Cross Trail (post #5 to post #10)  A=
Ridge/SE Exterior Loop Trail (post #9 to post #11)  B=
Wolf Creek/SW Exterior Loop Trail (post #6 to post #8)  C~
Covington/NW Exterior Loop Trail (post #4 to post #7) B=
Natural Playground Trail B=
Lake Trail A=


Please be advised that the Upper Cross Trail and Wolf Creek Loop Trail

may have flooded sections following heavy rainstorms.


A - wide, graded, level; any shoes OK; fine for kids

B  - well-marked but narrow; sensible shoes recommended

C  - well-marked but narrow; mildly steep or muddy sections

D - substantially overgrown, eroded, or flooded

= - completely open

~ - minor deadfall, erosion, or flooding

x  - major blockage



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