Arboretum Policies



General Trail Policies



Policies for use of the Wesleyan Arboretum are intended to preserve this area as a natural space for the continuing enjoyment of Wesleyan and the surrounding community.  We welcome visitors who respect and observe the following conditions:


1) Visitors to the Arboretum agree to be personally responsible for any damage, injury, or illness experienced while visiting the Arboretum, and further agree not to hold Wesleyan College responsible or make any claims against the College, its students, or its employees.


2) The Wesleyan Arboretum is open from sunrise to sunset every day.  Please park only in designated parking lots and not on grassy areas or trails.


3) Many visitors to the Arboretum are seeking a quiet, natural experience.  Please be courteous to other visitors.


4) Casual use of the pavilion and other outdoor spaces is available to all visitors, provided that it does not interfere with similar use by other visitors.  Groups reserving the cabin, pavilion, and/or trail system for exclusive use must have a sponsor who is a regular, full-time employee of the College, who attends the entire event, and who takes responsibility for the event, its participants, and the College facilities (see below). 


5) Group events involving planned activities in the Arboretum sponsored by organizations other that Wesleyan College must notify the Arboretum Director and receive permission well in advance of the scheduled activity.  Groups and organizations violating this policy may be directed to leave.


6) Motorized vehicles, horses, and bicycles are not permitted.  Fires, fireworks, weapons or toy weapons of any kind, devices that launch or fire projectiles, alcohol, hunting, and trapping are strictly prohibited.


7) You are strongly encouraged to use personal insect repellant, especially during spring and fall.  However, please do not use any powder, spray, or aerosol pesticides or herbicides in the Arboretum or near the lake.  If you are concerned that an infestation will interfere with a planned event in the Arboretum, please contact the Wesleyan Physical Plant at (478) 757-5140.


8) You are free to wander on and off the trails, but please do not pick flowers, damage plants or trees, disturb animals, or make any permanent trail markings.  Please avoid leaving the trails in areas marked or flagged for native plant restoration.


9) Well-mannered dogs on a leash and/or under strict voice control are welcome.  However, the Wesleyan Campus is not a community dog-park and accomodating dogs is not a mission of the Arboretum.  Please respect all other visitors and keep all trail and clearing areas free of animal waste. Please distribute waste to well off the trails or carry it out and dispose of it yourself off campus.  Do not leave

     bagged animal waste by the trails or in the woods.


10) Placement of geocaches, "searchable items", or other fixtures/installations in the Arboretum must have prior approval of the Arboretum Director and Wesleyan College. The College is not responsible for any items placed or left unattended in the Arboretum


11) Please carry all trash out to the bins at the trailheads. 


12) In case of emergency, call the Wesleyan College Campus Police:

          Radio : 478-757-5145

          Mobile (emergency):  478-960-7969




Anderson Cabin and Edenfield Pavilion Use Policies



Facilities within the Wesleyan Arboretum, such as the Anderson Cabin and the Edenfield Pavilion, exist for the use and enjoyment of the Wesleyan community and for promoting awareness and appreciation of the natural world within both Wesleyan College and the surrounding community.  We would like to encourage a wide range of low-impact uses and activities, however, it is essential that all users of these spaces respect the relative isolation of the cabin/pavilion area and preserve the natural, scenic, and rustic nature of this unique facility.


Casual use of the pavilion, cabin porch, and lawn areas (for resting, picnicking, etc.) by individual visitors to the Arboretum is encouraged and appropriate whenever the space has not been reserved by a group. 


Exclusive use use of the cabin or pavilion requires a reservation, made through the campus reservation desk at (478) 757-5272


Any group reserving the Anderson Cabin and/or Edenfield pavilion must fill out and submit the Registration for Events in the Anderson Cabin and Edenfield Pavilion form, documenting the time, nature, and requirements of the event, the contact and sponsoring persons, and an agreement to read and abide by the rules for use of these facilities.


Any group wishing to use these spaces must arrange for a regular, full-time employee of Wesleyan College to attend the entire event and take full responsibility for the event, its participants, and the College facilities.  Groups may be charged a nominal usage/custodial fee.  The College reserves the right to to deny use for any event which is not compatible with the mission of the College and/or maintenance of these areas as rustic spaces.  Access to the cabin and pavilion is primarily by foot and events which require extensive motor vehicle traffic to the cabin/pavilion area will generally not be permitted.


In order to maintain the quality of the trails for recreational walking and running, motor vehicle use on any of the arboretum trails, including the service road to the cabin and pavilion, is not allowed without express permission. 


Reserved use of the Arboretum trail system for formal events may limit trail access by casual visitors and preclude reserved access to and use of the cabin and pavilion by groups.


Rules for Use of the Cabin and Pavilion (for Word copy click here):


1) Reservations for group events are to made through the campus reservation desk at (478) 757-5272 and must include prior submission of a completed registration form.  Any such event must be sponsored by a regular, full-time employee of the College.


2) In the event of any emergency involving the cabin/pavilion area, please immediately call the Wesleyan Police at (478) 757-5145.  The chain across the access road may be unlocked with the cabin key to provide access for emergency vehicles.


3) Smoking anywhere in the arboretum, including the cabin and pavilion, is not allowed.


4) Any use of open flames, including candles, lamps, torches, open-flame grilling, or fires in either the cabin fireplace or the outside firepit, requires special permission of and arrangements through the Arboretum Committee. Fire building outside of the established firepit and grills is expressly forbidden.

5) Use of alcohol anywhere in the Arboretum is subject to the rules and restrictions of alcohol use on the Wesleyan campus.  This means that for most group events serving and consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed.


6) Please do not use herbicides, pesticides, or any other types of poison, with the exception of personal insect repellant, in the Arboretum.

7) Staying overnight anywhere in the arboretum, including the cabin/pavilion area, is not allowed without the express permission of the Arboretum Committee and notification of the Wesleyan Police.

8) The cabin and pavilion are accessible only by foot.  Any use of motorized vehicles past the trailhead by the tennis courts must have the express permission of the Arboretum Committee.  Motor vehicles are not to be used on any part of the trail system except the direct access road to the cabin.  In general, the chain across the entrance to this access road and the interior loop trail should remain up and locked, unless emergency access is required.  You may use the wheeled garden cart (in the storage shed) for moving supplies.

9) There are no outdoor potable water sources or restroom facilities in the Arboretum.  Casual visitors to the Arboretum may use the drinking fountains and restrooms in the Mathews Athletic Center during normal daylight hours.  Reserved groups may use the cabin restroom and the kitchen faucet.

10) There are no permanent outdoor trash cans in the cabin/pavilion area and trash must not be left in the cabin.  All trash must be packed out to the trailhead bins by casual visitors and by groups after each event.  It is especially important to remove all organic trash (food materials, etc.) from the interior of the cabin after each event.  There are supplies of trash bags in the kitchen and storage shed for this purpose. Please make sure that the trash bin at the interior loop trailhead is securely closed (to exclude animals) after each use.

11) All food preparation, serving, and eating utensils must be washed after use. Any non-perishable food or beverages left in the cabin should be sealed in insect- and animal-proof containers.  Perishable food and beverages may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for no more than 48 hours.  Food and beverages should not be left unattended in the pavilion.

12) The storage shed (just past the clearing) contains trash bags, outdoor trash cans for temporary use, a garden cart for moving materials along the trails, folding tables, and folding chairs.  These are generally available to groups reserving the cabin and/or pavilion.  Please return all materials, including empty trash cans, to the shed and relock the shed after each use.

13) Some materials for class or meeting use, such as a projector and portable screen, are stored in the cabin office.  If you plan to use these, please make arrangements at the time of your reservation to get office and cabinet keys.  Please return these materials to the office and cabinet at the end of your event.  The office itself is not part of the cabin space regularly available for group use, so please keep the office closed during your event and make sure that it is locked before you leave.

14) The cabin has a WiFi hub, located in the kitchen. You are free to use this WiFi hub, but please be courteous and avoid excessive downloading/uploading/ bandwidth use.  Use the standard college network login for access.

15) The Arboretum website, at, contains more useful and historical information about the Wesleyan Arboretum, including the Anderson Cabin and the Edenfield Pavilion.

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