Cabin and Pavilion Reservations





Dice R. Anderson Cabin




Ellen Ann Edenfield Pavilion



All reservations for use of the Dice R. Anderson Cabin and/or the Ellen Ann Edenfield Pavilion in the Wesleyan Arboretum must be made through the Wesleyan campus reservation desk at (478) 757-5272.


Use of these facilities is available to both Wesleyan College groups and groups from the surrounding central Georgia community.  However, the following restrictions do apply:


1) As part of the reservation and approval process each group MUST complete and submit the Registration information form found here in MSWord or pdf format.  This document should be downloaded, completed, and sent as an attached document to well in advance of your event.


2) Groups wishing to use these facilities must arrange for a regular, full-time employee of Wesleyan College to attend the entire event and take full responsibility for the event, its participants, and the College facilities.


3) Groups must agree to follow ALL of the College and Arboretum policies delineated on the Arboretum Policies webpage.


4) Access to the cabin and pavilion is generally by FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY.


5) Specific permission and special arrangements will be required for the use of fires, open flames, alcoholic beverages, or special setups.


6) Wesleyan College reserves the right to deny use to any group or for any activity which, in the judgment of the College, is not in keeping with both the mission of the College and reasonable, safe, and sustainable use of these facilities.

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 Rev. 07.13